Alocasia Combo 'California Yellow Bouquet'

Alocasia Combo

  • Available in a 10-in Color Pot. All color pots are packed and sold individually.
  • Height: 24-36 in
  • Hardiness Zone: Hardy to 40°
  • Bloom Color: Non-Flowering
  • Foliage Color: Green, Lime

Interesting Notes:

California Alocasia with sedum.  The Alocasia 'California' is a stunning upright, easy-to-grow plant known for its large size and elephant ear-shaped leaves. It is excellent in a mixed bed or by itself. This plant can thrive indoors or outdoors thriving with partial sun. 

California Yellow Bouquet Characteristics & Attributes

Unique Texture
Partial Sun
Growth Habit
Creeping/Ground Cover
Watering Schedule
Weekly; only when dry